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Clontarf East D ED (Dublin) Street Guide and Map

Townlands in Clontarf East D ED

List of streets in Clontarf East D ED

  • C

  • Castle Avenue
  • Castle Park
  • H

  • Haddon Park
  • Haddon Road
  • K

  • Kincora Avenue
  • Kincora Grove
  • S

  • Seaview Avenue North
  • St. John's Wood
  • T

  • The Court
  • The Mews
  • The Paddocks
  • The Stiles Road
  • V

  • Victoria Road

  OSM Tags

Boundary tags
Admin. level9
alt_nameClontarf East D Electoral Division
alt_name_1Clontarf East D DED
alt_name_2Clontarf East D Ward
nameClontarf East D ED